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Guardian Angel

19. February 2021 | 0 comments

Guardian Angel Verse 1

© 2021 rockphan

There are angels always at hand
You need a lot of imagination to understand
It’s not important to believe
They do their job when you’re in need

Guardian Angel Verse 2

© 2021 rockphan

Angels are very discreet
We don’t see them
My angel was never too late
In the other case
I wouldn’t be


Guardian Angel Verse 3

©2021 rockphan aka Ulf A. Fischbeck

Always full throttle
Born to be wild
More than 40 years
In need of speed
Sometimes too much
Crash Landing
Pay the price









My guardian angel helped me rise
But I didn’t know that angels exist
One day I lost my way
Ran away

Raphael was there
Private lesson in a monastery
Three weeks of intensive studies
Angel studies
I was always seeking
All my life

I shall believe
The monk said
It didn’t work
I wanna understand

One day during a bicycle ride
It hit me like a strike
I knew
That’s life
How it can be
The universe
The great picture

Finally, I knew his name
Raphael, guardian angel of the travellers
The seekers

Back in my life
340 km, 2wo days, Enschede to Kiel
Quite a distance on a bike
Raphael helped me
Gave me a push
I had to thank her
I kept her busy
For years
He had to take care
My pace rocknrolll

Ulf, keep quiet
Your parents are old
That’s your job

Corona time
Time to write
Full breaking
Engine’s overheated
Piston seizure

You have to calm down
Please understand
Others need my helping hand
Man you’re a full-time job

Play the blues
Ok. I understand
Thank you my angel.