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Hi, I’m Ulf

This is my playground…

Reflection is creative

Isn’t writing always a reflection? Doesn’t that apply to creativity, to art? Thoughts, ideas, inspirations that we have always reflected something that moves us.

When I write, I reflect. Most of the time, it’s very intuitive. When I make music, I recall some melody that grew on my or other musicians’ crap. So I think the name Reflections is appropriate for a site that is very much about writing. That’s why this is here.

The domain name is rockphan. It’s my personal brand name.


I write whatever passes my heart or mind.

I am broad in my choice of topics. I write about what I encounter. The moment I do something with it, it obviously touches me enough that I like to “share” it. And that is precisely the purpose of this website.

Here I tell stories, in whatever form. They are partly personal experiences, stories that come to me. I do not think about them. Sometimes, I feel that stories flow directly into my fountain pen, without a detour through my mind. I do not search for them. They find me. They come by, say “hello,” encourage me to put them into practice, to reflect on them.