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Tina Turner on stage

25. February 2021 | 0 comments

Ike & Tina Turner Deutschlandhalle, Berlin November 13, 1973 Original Ticket

Beware of the hurricane

Ike and Tina turner show 1973, Berlin Deutschlandhalle – November 13, 1973

It was the 12th concert of my life. I was in my eighth grade in the Collège Francais de Berlin (French German grammar school, by the way, the best school in Berlin hence in the world😀).

One of my classmates happened to be the son of the chief constable of Berlin. It was a chance coz he could get us free service tickets destined for the Berlin cops. A very comfortable opportunity to go to concerts. We went to the Ike and Tina Turner show together.

If I remember well, the show was opened by the Ikettes, the backup singers of Ike and Tina Turner. But in fact, the most significant memory I have is Tina.

She had such a presence on stage. Her movements, her voice, her dancing, her aura. I was over amazed. I am sure my mouth stuck open during the whole show. Although by the time I was more into rocknrolll, I was fascinated. There were a lot of American soldiers. In the 1970s, Berlin was still occupied by the allies. West-Berlin by the western allies the USA, Great Britain, and France. The American forces were the major group among them. The Deutschlandhalle, West Berlin’s largest venue, was crowded.

The music was hot. The music was funky, and everybody was dancing and moving.

And the best, they played Nutbush City Limits. Well, it was the Nutbush City Limits tour 😀 my favorite song at that time. It was a great show. And as you can see, dear reader, I didn’t forget it. 😀

Tina Turner – Brake every rule 1987, Berlin Deutschlandhalle – March 8, 1987

Tina Turner Deutschlandhalle, Berlin March 8, 1987 Original ticket

Tina Turner Deutschlandhalle, Berlin March 8, 1987 Original ticket @1987 rockphan aka Ulf A. Fischbeck

The next time I attended a Tina Turner concert was in 1987 once more at the Deutschlandhalle. She has even become better now. After her divorce from Ike, she went through some hard times. She came out as an amazing power woman. This time, the Brake Every Rule tour (breaking rules being the credo of my life). Among all the female artists on stage, Tina certainly was the most powerful I ever saw. She was like a steam roller.

Her energy on stage is legendary.

And, of course, she still played Nutbush City Limits.

And all her major hits of the 1980s. The fans were amazed. And the crowd was moving, dancing having party.

Yes. Funk rock is here to stay.

Whenever I imagine God as a woman (and she is She.) she’s like Tina).



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